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Driving your Can-Am Maverick X3 is a wonderful experience, until something breaks. It is not uncommon for parts to break on any UTV due to the nature of the activity. An unexpected breaking point for the Maverick X3 is the front sway bar end links. The flimsy design of the stock sway bar end links will either wear out or snap completely. Whenever the links do break, the machine can exert unpredictable handling and excessive body roll.

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While some do enjoy the handling of their X3 without a front sway bar attached, it can be dangerous if it unexpectedly breaks. Since the sway bar ties the driver and passenger side together if its function is compromised the handling could feel much different going into the next corner. This is unsafe as you might not be expecting the change in handling and could overshoot the corner as the suspension will be much softer.

Adjusting your sway bar position can also yield positive results as some dirt tracks require slight suspension tuning. Suspension tuning is a balancing act as one adjustment can change something elsewhere. Less tension on the front sway bar might provide more grip up front, but slows down steering response and increases body roll. Increasing the tension on one side of the sway bar will reduce the side grip of that side while increasing the side bite of the opposite side adjusted.

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There are many benefits to running an adjustable sway bar link upfront. The capability of suspension fine-tuning gives you a step up from the rest while increasing the durability inspires driver confidence and peace of mind.