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Alientech Powergate 3 Instructions


NOTICE – If your original software is OLD and not available, you MUST go to the dealer to have the most current flash put on your vehicle.  This is your responsibility as the owner.  Returns are not accepted.

Please note that once a file is sent, no returns or refunds will be accepted.  Any issues or troubleshooting will be handled accordingly until resolved.

How to Flash Your ECU with the VR Tuned Powergate 3 Handheld Tuner

These instructions are for OBDII flashing your vehicle with the Alientech Powergate 3 Handheld tuner provided by VR Tuned.  We do not make the hardware and will do our best to support issues.  Alientech is based in Italy and some support for their tool may take 24-48 hours if issues arise.  For a more in-depth manual, Click Here

Required to Flash

  • Windows PC with USB port.  Must be Windows 8 or newer.
  • Powergate 3 Software – DOWNLOAD HERE.
  • Battery Charger is HIGHLY recommended to keep a constant 12volts when programming.  Failure to maintain voltage could cause a battery to die even if new and brick the ECU.

***Please always have your computer plugged in and a battery charger on your vehicle during the flashing process.***

In the event an error occurs, please send us the LOG FILE (See Manual Here Click Here).

***Important note after you flash –

If your dealer plans on doing a firmware update, you MUST flash your vehicle back to the original stock file before you take your car in for service.  If they update the firmware on your ECU before you flash back to original, the Powergate will not work with your new firmware and require a reset for a fee.  Most firmware updates are not required by a dealer.  Within the first 6 months of receiving your VR Tuned file, if you get your firmware updated, VR Tuned will provide a new file.  If this is outside of 6 months, you will need to pay for a new file fee for different firmware.  This is $250.

Once you read out your car, you will need to send us your file (CLICK HERE UPLOAD YOUR FILE). We will then return your tuned file to this same email address unless otherwise specified.


Watch the Video

Read Our Steps

You have just received your Alientech Powergate 3 from us and are ready to do your ECU Flash.  So congrats and lets have some fun!  In your box should be the Powergate 3, an OBD2 plug, and a USB plug.


Utilizing a PC with Windows 8 or higher, DOWNLOAD HERE the Powergate 3 software.   Once you download the software, run the installer.  It will walk you through like any other program on installing it.  Once finished, launch it!  Its easier to get this setup now ahead of things.


After the program has been launched, plug the Powergate into the computer using the supplied USB core.  The application will now connect to the device and update it.  You do not need to update each time you connect unless it is mandatory or instructed to do so by us.


Once the update is complete, you can see the options on what the Powergate has on the left.


Now you can unplug the device and head to your vehicle.  Locate your vehicles OBD2 port and plug the device in.


Turn the car to the ON position so all the lights are on the dashboard but the vehicle is not running.  At this point you will notice that the Powergate has turned on and loaded the home screen.


Click on the TUNING icon.  Remember these are touch screens so just press with your finger!


Now find your vehicle Make, Model, and Engine.





Once you have selected your vehicle using the arrow buttons, it will check if there is an original file on the device and if not, will ask you to proceed to read.



With the reading complete, it will have you cycle the key off and then on.  Once done, the device will notify you and you can unplug it and head back to your PC computer.



Plug the Powergate back into your PC and relaunch the application.  Once the device reconnects, you can access your left side menu.  Select Download Data.  This will then provide you prompts to download the file you have read out to your PC.  Once this is done, locate the file and CLICK HERE UPLOAD YOUR FILE.  This process can take 24-48 hours for us to now return a file to you.  You can unplug and disconnect everything and continue to drive your vehicle as normal.


Time to flash your Tuned file!  We have sent you back your new Tuned file via email.  Now you just need to get it from the PC, to the Powergate, and into your vehicle.  Very simple!  Relaunch the Powergate software and connect your device with the USB cable.  Select from the Left Menu UPLOAD DATA.  Locate the file you just saved your computer and follow the prompts.


Once the file has been successfully uploaded to your Powergate, it will notify you this is complete.  You can now unplug the Powergate from your PC and head back to your vehicle.


Reconnect the Powergate to your OBD2 port on your car.  It will power up again with the VRTuned logo and icons.


Click on the TUNING Icon.  Once done, you will see an ORIGINAL file and the new TUNED file you just uploaded.






It may ask you to do a series of turning your vehicle key on and off.  Once this is done, it will tell you the vehicle has finished writing.  To end the process, it will tell you you can unplug the device.  Keep the device in your vehicle.  The Powergate allows you to easily flash back to the original file and also has a Diagnosis function on it.  Should you have any questions, please CONTACT US.


Here is a HOW IT WORKS video directly from Alientech about the Powergate 3+