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Why Install Aftermarket Exhaust Tips?

Generally, car owners pay a lot of attention to their vehicle’s engine and not so much on its other components. A lot of people are aware on the importance of installing quality exhaust systems and how they can help improve their car’s performance and gas mileage. Without a cool exhaust tip, no one will know you have an awesome aftermarket exhaust system.

In many applications, the OEM exhaust tips are comically small compared to the cutout in the rear bumper or diffuser. The result is a tiny exhaust tip in a massive bumper cutout, which looks pretty lame. Most aftermarket exhaust systems come with larger exhaust tips, however, some utilize your stock exhaust tips. In the case you have a custom exhaust built for your vehicle, you’ll need an aftermarket exhaust tip to complete the look.

Typically, exhaust tips can be connected on the tailpipe of your car using screws. There are variations though, that utilize joints or clamps. There are also those that can be installed by just inserting them in the tailpipe. If you are someone who owns a car with dual-exhaust pipes, then you will have no trouble installing a fashionable and superb sounding exhaust tip in each pipe.

Exhaust tips come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. From 2” tips all the way up to massive 10” tips for diesel trucks. Some exhaust tips are slash cut, some are rolled, some are turndown, some feature multiple tips off of one clamp. Deciding what style exhaust tip is best for you is entirely subject, since an upgraded exhaust tip has no real performance value.

Exhaust tips are part of aftermarket high performance exhaust systems, or racing exhaust systems, which are mainly designed to change the factory fitted exhaust for better performance. Vivid Racing offers everything from exhaust brackets, catbacks, downpipes, exhaust gaskets, exhaust tips, headers, heat shields, midpipes, mufflers, Y-pipes, and much more.