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Why Install a Rear Wing?

Why do some cars have giant rear wings and others have no wing at all? What is their real design purpose? It’s worth knowing, especially if you are considering buying one for your ride. You need to see whether it’s just solely for style or has some hidden performance-enhancing features.

In reality, rear spoilers aren’t designed just for cosmetic reasons. It undoubtedly adds a touch of style to your car and gives it a much more performance-oriented look. However, there is a sensible reason for installing a rear spoiler on an automobile that transcends sporty looks.

The Purpose of a Rear Spoiler

Numerous vehicles, from drag cars, sports cars, time attack cars, and even stock supercars, are equipped with various types of wing. Certain cars, such as Formula One cars, have spoilers both at the front and back. When it comes to cars in general, wing are meant to improve their level of grip. At a certain point, mechanical can’t be easily improved without aero.

Typically, the most significant advantage that you can enjoy from installing a rear wing on your vehicle is better aerodynamics. It makes your car more aerodynamic by reducing drag, improving speed, and fuel economy as a result. The main performance benefit from a rear wing is improved stability. It’s much easier to drive at your limit when you the car handles in a very predictable manner.

There is a common misconception that rear wings are only applicable to rear-wheel-drive cars and that rear wings are useless on front-drive cars, but that’s far from the truth. All cars inherently understeer in low-speed corners, especially front-wheel-drive cars.

To combat the inherent understeer, high-performance front-wheel-drive cars will use very stiff rear suspension, which encourages the car to rotate easier. As speed increases, the stiff rear suspension creates a lot of instability which makes it much more difficult to drive at the limit. Using a rear wing combats this high-speed instability while still allowing the car to rotate very well in low and mid-speed corners.

A rear wing function similar to an airplane wing, but in reverse. While the airplane wing pushes the aircraft upwards, the spoiler pushes the car down through what’s called “downforce.” Overall, the benefits that you can expect to enjoy from having a rear spoiler include:

  • Improves traction without affecting performance.
  • Provides better fuel efficiency and a slight improvement in speed.
  • Creates a sleek and stylish look.
  • Enhances braking stability.

You probably won’t feel any dramatic changes in your everyday drive after installing a rear spoiler on your car. If your vehicle spends plenty of time on the track, the benefits are massive.

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