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Brakes generate massive amounts of heat. After all, it is the only system in a vehicle that produces well over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, aside from the combustion chamber. Your vehicle’s brake pads and rotors last the longest and perform the best when they are kept within their optimum temperature range. Cracking rotors and run-down brake pads are an indication that the ideal temperature range has been exceeded. You can extend the life of these parts by installing brake cooling ducts on your car, all while shortening braking distances. Rotors are designed to dissipate heat, but the air in the wheel well and inside wheel’s barrel is turbulent and slow-moving. Because of this, heat tends to build up around the brakes, which diminishes their ability to shed the heat that is produced. Brake ducts work by channeling air from a high-pressure source (usually the front surface of the car) to the brake rotor. The air that is introduced by the ducts is cooler than that of the brakes and so, the airflow continuously moves the hot air away. This process allows the brakes to shed heat faster and dramatically lower the average operating temperature of your brakes.

The amount of technology we have in modern cars today is beyond phenomenal. It allows the driver to be informed of what is happening both inside and outside of the car at any given moment. One of the biggest benefits it provides us with is information about our braking system. This is obviously important because properly functioning brakes are what keep you and your car safe in moments of unexpected danger. Brake sensors are designed to let you know when your brakes are in need of maintenance before it’s too late. When your brake maintenance light triggers, be sure to replace the brake sensor, as they are only meant for a one-time use. Re-using old brake sensors that have already been triggered will not function with new pads. Instead, they will continue to show you that your brakes need replacing. So, be sure to keep an eye out for all lights and take good care of all the brake parts in your car’s braking system.

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